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4 Personal Qualities That Make a Great Funeral Director

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People hardly prepare for a funeral service before a loved one has passed on. Passing on of a loved one comes with great grief and unfruitful wishes. However, the bereaved have to do the best they can to give the dead their last most precious gift. This is nothing else but a heartfelt sendoff. Due to uncontrollable feelings and emotions, the family members prefer to work with competent funeral directors to ensure all goes well in a sober and sound manner. If you have wished to be like any of the professional funeral directors in Sydney, here are some of the personal qualities you should have.

Interpersonal skills

Focusing too much on the funeral business and being insensitive can greatly upset bereaved clients. On the other hand, thinking that being too non-directive will help you avoid upsetting your clients may prove you are a poor funeral organizer. Any successful funeral director should strike a balance between authority and sensitivity. If you are not an excellent listener and effective communicator, you would struggle dealing with clients of diverse beliefs, ethnicities and ages.

Business acumen

Keen organizational skills and good business sense is what you need to make a great funeral director. Without meticulous planning, you can’t execute the myriad funeral details in a flawless manner. Of course, you will charge your clients some money when planning a funeral service for them. This means you would expect revenue to be more than the expenses in your funeral business. You, therefore, need to have adequate knowledge in terms on market trend awareness, business management practices and basic accounting principles. This way, you would succeed in this business just like other competent funeral directors in Sydney.


Although physical strength is a plus in this business, the inner strength is what you need most to succeed. Being next to dead bodies has never been easy to many people and handling them is even the worst part of it. You need the inner strength to overcome the natural aversion that people develop when working with dead bodies and generate fortitude when working with decaying organs and tissues. At times, it’s the work of a funeral director to remove certain internal organs and reconstruct tissues before the funeral day. On the other hand, you need physical strength to lift heavy equipment, bodies and stand for long hours.


The course work towards becoming a reliable funeral director also requires you to be academically disciplined and intelligent to excellently perform it. Your first step towards this journey is going to college to study for about 2-4 years. During your college life, you would study topics such as grief counseling, chemistry, law, biology, ethics, social sciences, accounting, embalming, physiology and anatomy among others.

Saying that you don’t need to do and know much to be like any of the funeral directors in Sydney is a great misconception. With the above mentioned personal qualities, you can add value to most of your clients during their moments of grief. Managing all funeral aspects is not easy without such qualities no matter how the funeral service would be conducted.