Making this Father’s Day More Special than the Last

Dads are pretty awesome human beings. While they may not be as affectionate as mothers, they can teach you important things like changing your tyres and fixing your sink. That special Sunday celebrating these people is approaching again so you need to start planning how you can show your appreciation. It might be through unique ways of presenting Timberland watches or something else. You should be able to find some inspiration from our tips below:

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1. Throw a Surprise Party

This idea doesn’t only work for birthdays but for Father’s Day too! Make sure you keep the preparations in secret so you can both honour and astonish him. Inform the guests well ahead of time and tell them to keep everything on the down low. Set up the best time for you to start decorating and for the guests to arrive. Request them to park somewhere far if they have to. Don’t forget to buy Timberland watches as your gift too.

2. Plan a Day Off

Is your dad still part of the workforce? Then his regular schedule must be hectic. If you know his boss, call him and ask if your father can take a break for even 24 hours. You and your siblings should then make him feel like the king of the house. Bring him breakfast in bed and do all his chores for him. Let him laze around while you organise his Timberland watches and the rest of his closet. Take turns giving him a massage too.

3. Bring Up the Past

What this means is that you should look back to all the memorable activities you used to do together and see if you can try them again. Maybe you used to go fishing with him at a certain river every week. Perhaps you cleaned and maintained his collection of Australian timberland watches in the middle of the night. Think about what could bring forth the strongest sense of nostalgia and work with that.

4. Have a Professional Photo Shoot

Even with such a technologically advanced society, it’s possible that you only have candid shots of your dad on your phone. It’s time to call in an expert so you can have pictures worthy of being on a magazine spread. Have everyone pose as models for Timberland watches in Australia, or just be your natural selves with huge smiles. You can store these away and show them to your own children or even grandchildren.

5. Get a Special Gift

It can be a bit of a challenge to find the perfect present, especially when you’ve always been receiving amazing gifts from your father. You can narrow down your options by looking at his bucket list. Has he always dreamed of owning Timberland watches? Check out what H&S Jewellers has on stock today. Something practical like a work shirt or restaurant vouchers is also an excellent choice.

For sure, you’ve found some inspiration as to what you should prepare for this coming Father’s Day with the ideas we’ve shared above. When you’re still feeling unsure, consult with your family as to what your options are. Maybe you could even try to subtly ask for some hints from your dad himself as to what he would enjoy on that special occasion.