Finding a Cancer Cure Would Put the Cancer Care Industry Out of Business!

Legally, I can’t tell you that monatomic gold cures cancer, even though scientific studies have shown that cancer patients taking monatomic gold have experienced improvement in their condition. For now, I’ll just relate my viewpoint based on what I’ve read and what I’ve experienced.

I’ve never had cancer, but my mom did. She died from the TREATMENT! Her father had cancer and died. My dad’s mom had cancer and died. There’s a lot of conjecture in the medical community as to the causes of cancer. Before the industrial revolution, cancer cases were rare. Many effective cancer treatment protocols were developed prior to 1950’s, but these treatments were suppressed by the mainstream medical establishment at the behest of the pharmaceutical corporations. One natural cancer therapy that I can’t legally tell you actually works is cottage cheese and flax oil. That’s pretty simple, and totally non-toxic. Won’t kill you like chemo-therapy might, like radiation probably will.

A mineral supplement derived from gold, called monatomic gold has been used by ancient cultures throughout earth’s history as an aid in spiritual ascension. Modern scientific research has shown that subjects taking monatomic gold show an immediate increase in brain synchronization, leading to stress relief. Legally, I can’t tell you that stress causes cancer. I also won’t tell you that de-stressing will cure your cancer.

It’s also been observed that monatomic gold repairs DNA. It’s the DNA that tells the cells what to do, when and how to divide, whether to be healthy or unhealthy. Exposure to environmental toxins like petro-chemicals can damage the DNA, leading to cancer. Certain supplements have shown to aid in detoxification of these unnatural chemicals. Would you be surprised to discover that many pharmaceutical drugs are synthesized from petroleum? What connection do you think might exist between the petroleum industry and the pharmaceutical industry?

Before the prohibition era, Henry Ford produced automobiles designed to run on pure ethanol. John D. Rockefeller of Standard Oil fame used his influence to push for the prohibition of the sale of alcohol, not to stop people from drinking, but to shut down the fuel competition from Ford’s ethanol production. Ford had filling stations that were ethanol-dedicated, garnering some 25% of the fuel sales in America. Then came prohibition. Ethanol is a clean-burning fuel, producing no toxic emissions. Petroleum based fuels and petroleum refinement to make gasoline and diesel fuel produces cancer causing toxic by-products. Some of these waste by-products are used in the manufacture of cancer drugs and other pharmaceutical drugs. Read the lists of side-effects! Jeesh!

It’s time we grow up and start thinking for ourselves. Television gets most of it’s ad revenue from drug ads! Television also uses subliminal messages to program the subconscious mind to action. It’s also been discovered that brain-waves of television watchers are identical to brain-waves of subjects under hypnotic trance!

My experience taking monatomic gold is my mind is sharper. My dreams are more vivid, and I experience a greater since of synchronicity of experience. You know those “Aha!” moments? So, how might having access to a greater mental capacity effect your ability to handle health challenges? Do you think you might be able to better sort it out for yourself, rather than just blindly following the advice of some oncologist who has yacht payments to make?

To life!

Professional Transcription Vs. Amateur Transcription

High Accuracy

Professional transcription services simply offer more accuracy on their transcriptions when compared to an amateur transcription company. This doesn’t necessarily mean that an amateur company can’t get the job done – however; it may not be consistent.

For example, if you have an important academic, business, or medical transcription that needs to be done, do you think that it’s the appropriate time to cut costs and try to save money?

Of course not, it’s always best to have professionals do the job right the first time – the money will more than pay for itself in the future.

Quick Turnaround

Nothing in the world is more frustrating than waiting too long for a transcription service. Depending on your industry – you may get quality transcriptions within as little as 24 hours.

If you are working directly with a client who is fully- dedicated to you; they may deliver the transcription even sooner – without sacrificing any accuracy!

Amateur transcription companies may say that they can deliver in a specific time crunch – however; when it comes right down to it, they will not deliver in time.

The reasoning? Amateur transcription companies are usually one man shows with a single person taking on multiple orders. Therefore if there’s a client who may be higher paying or has more business potential – you may be put to the side in favor of that other business client.

Not all amateur companies do this – however it is more prevalent among them than professional transcription services.

Extra Services

You want a transcriptions service that can do it all. For example, has the following on top of their standard transcription service for the medical, academic, general business, and media industries:

  • Notification Services – This is excellent as you will be notified whether a patient or client has accepted or declined an appointment.
  • Answering Services – If you are always busy, you can have the person call the transcription service and they will take down the required information and notify you through any medium that you want.
  • Call Recording – If you are in the journal, legal, or business industry, then you may want to think about having your calls recorded – specific calls are simply too important to be forgotten.

It’s simply impossible for an amateur or one man operation to keep up with the demands of a growing business, which is why it is always best to choose a professional transcription service.

Durable Medical Equipment Industry: About Insurance and Related Bonds

The manufacturers, distributors, sellers, renters and service people involved in the durable medical equipment industry are part of a very lucrative business that is consistently in demand. Nonetheless, the exposure to risks is as exceptional as the line of work.

In the event a related product is deemed faulty those that supplied it may be liable for associated property damages, bodily injury or death…

Insurance for the Durable Medical Equipment Manufacturer

Risk exposure for each piece of equipment that is manufactured is determined in relation to its type and usage. Specific types of equipment need to be fashioned in very sterile circumstances.

Some equipment is designed to sustain life, and some are used in the hospital’s operating room.

Insurance companies place the varying durable medical equipment into three separate groups:

– For diagnosing

– For therapy

– For monitoring purposes

Insurance for Durable Medical Equipment Dealers

Dealers involve themselves in either the selling or renting aspects of products like:

– Wheelchairs

– Oxygen apparatus

– Respiratory machinery

– Therapy devices

– Orthopedic equipment

Clearly, the renting of the equipment is much more problematic than selling. This is due to the following reality:

– Renting equipment leads to less preventative care and attention to manufacturer’s instructions

– Renting equipment can lead to lawsuits due to breakage or malfunction and their subsequent negative effects on already physically weak patients.

Bond News for the Durable Medical Equipment Provider

Dealers of Durable Medical supplies are subject to Federal bond requirements. In order to get Medicare reimbursements, durable medical equipment providers, as well as those that deal in prosthetics and orthotics and supplies must acquire a $50,000 bond.

Of particular note is the country-wide competitive bidding that will take place between July 16, 2019 and September 18, 2019. Any dealer that has the appropriate bond can take part in the bidding, after which, three-year contracts will be granted to those deemed worthy.

As of now, there are one-hundred-thirty competitive areas in the United States. Each competitive bond area necessitates 1 bid bond. This applies to a provider that bids on all sixteen of the different products presented as well. If there are several bidders for the same bond area product, there is still eligibility. For instance, if there are five or more bidders for the same product, at least five contracts will be presented. If there are fewer than five bidders, at least two contracts will be presented.

An experienced independent agency can help with the acquisition of this and other commercial bonds.