A Critical Third Party Review on Doug Firebaugh

Who Is This Doug Firebaugh Guy Anyway?

Doug Firebaugh is one of the big time names in the home business industry and has been thoroughly involved with direct sales for over 25 consecutive years. Doug is a professional Network Marketing trainer, speaker and author and is the creator of PassionFire.com, a website dedicated to providing education for people in this rapid expanding home business industry. Doug is also very spiritual and directs this into his teachings and training. It is a very fresh approach and is more appealing to some of the other cut and dry education in the industry. In addition to all the training and education Doug provides for network marketers, he and his wife Jodi give presentations based on biblical concepts.

What Kind Of Products Does He Offer?

Compared to many other trainers in the industry Doug Firebaugh has a huge selection of products that can help you personally and professionally with your business. These products deal with the basics, wealth building, leadership, biblical studies, call scripts, handling objections, prospecting, recruiting and personal development. Doug also offers a free newsletter you can join with some tips and advice you can implement into your own business. Behind all of his products is a high degree of authenticity and sincerity. You won’t be paying an arm and a leg for his products, they range from $19.95-79.95 which isn’t too bad.

What Is Unique About Doug Compared To Other Trainers?

Doug Firebaugh is well recognized because he integrates much of his teachings with God and he is very compassionate. Regardless or not it you believe in God or a God, it makes Doug’s training more effective. It gives his training something very unique and different. I can’t recall too many other trainers in the industry who do this. Doug’s training is of the utmost quality and he is not just trying to make a quick buck.

Can Doug Really Help You?

I would have to say yes. Especially if you are firmly committed, have a true desire and are connected spiritually with God. Mr. Firebaugh’s training is going to be most effective when you mix what you learn about selling and marketing and with a true passion. Here’s a brief disclaimer. Doug Firebaugh is just one of many network marketing trainers in the industry and you should only purchase his products if they appear to be a good fit for you and your business. There may be other trainers out there who offer training for suitable to your own personal style, just something to keep in mind.

Final Thoughts

All in all I give Doug my stamp of approval. He is a credible man and his products and teaching can definitely help you. But most of his training is directed to building your business offline. Like thousands of network marketers who made the switch, you may experience more success by building online, using the power of internet. You will have to determine which route is best and go from there.