Researching Pyxism? I Would Be Very Weary of This Little Known Pyxism Fact

This might be the most important article you’ve ever read on Pyxism, if you’re truthfully serious about becoming a top income earner in this company, or making it big in the home business industry.

You see, a lot of the Pyxism top producers are not going to tell you the things I will be sharing here. They will tell you what is of the most benefit to THEM, and to their company… but often times that excludes teaching their downline how to build their OWN BRAND, and really develop their own assets in this industry… independent of any one company.

I’m not saying Pyxism is a scam at all, or giving it a bad review. I’m just saying it’s important that if you’re taking becoming a part of this industry seriously… then you need to be fully educated before hand. My intention for you today is to get a BIG piece of this puzzle, so you can make an educated decision for yourself about Joining Pyxism.

First off, Pyxism is a recently launched travel company, giving you the ability to start your home based travel business for $325. There have actually be A LOT of travel based companies that have started in the past, and some of them have been very successful.

I would give one word of caution though, upon viewing the Pyxism website… I noticed there was literally only 1 paragraph dedicated to the actual product. If it was my company, and I was trying to build more consumer TRUST, then I would probably be more product focused then opportunity focused.

Opportunity focused companies, while you can make money fast, also tend to come and go quicker as people jump from company to company because they are solely “Opportunity Based” and don’t really believe in the product they are selling. This is something to watch out for if you REALLY want to experience the true passive income our industry can offer… without having to continue to bust your butt, building downlines, to get a paycheck.

2nd, Pyxism has purportedly come out with a new type of Matrix compensation plan, they are saying is more advanced in the industry. However, I’m not super sure I would believe that just yet. My experience has been that a lot of companies that start paying out big in the beginning on these “Newer” plans, then change them within a few months because they realize it’s not sustainable… and it’s actually DESTROYED companies before.

Also with Matrix comp plans, it’s generally easier to make money up front, but… its very difficult to reach the HUGE income levels that most of the top network marketers in our industry experience. All and all, it’s a bit more of a ‘short term’ comp plan, that creates money faster… but less of it long term, then some of the other Binary comp plans other top companies are using.

However… there is ONE crucial thing I did not see on the Pyxism website, or on any of their opportunity calls, or did I hear from any of their leaders… and that is… that JUST JOINING pyxism is NOT going to make you money. And this is the biggest mistake most people in our industry make.

They think their going to get rich just by joining a company, and fail to realize that unless they know marketing and advertising… then that company is basically useless to them.

The ability to MARKET, meaning you can PUT your opportunity in front of other, quality, targeted people… is almost the ONLY real money making skill one needs in this industry. not only that… but its ESSENTIAL.

If you don’t know how to put Pyxism in front of the RIGHT PEOPLE… then it will never make you any money. And that’s why I always teach my students how to MARKET and promote themselves first… so they will always be able to earn an income in this industry regardless of what company they are in.

Most people touting this company already will not tell you this. They won’t tell you that you need to learn the SKILL of marketing before joining a company… or joining that company is almost useless. Most people just want you to join them.

But, if you LEARN this skill of marketing BEFORE you join an actual company like Pyxism… it increased your chances of success DRASTICALLY. And ultimately, if get really good at marketing, there is seriously NOTHING in life that you can not accomplish.

In conclusion, I think Pyxism could do a better job on their website and branding… and I’m not totally convinced they are a long term company or planning to be in this industry. However… all of that is IRRELEVANT anyway if you don’t know how to market… cause you can’t make money in this industry without learning the right skill sets first.